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  • Version: 2.0
  • Author: Peter Greek, Tom K & neoptunium.
  • Created: 11th Feb 2022
  • Updated: 13th Sep 2023

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this document, please make a support ticket in the discord: Click Here.

Discord Support

Discord related articles.

Support Tickets

You can create a ticket using the following steps.

  1. Go to the main BCDOJRP Discord
  2. Find the #support-tickets channel.
  3. Click the "Create Ticket" button.

Staff Complaints

You can create a staff ticket if you feel as if you have been treated poorly or unfairly. It is important to have evidence in order to proceed with action.

  1. Go to the main BCDOJRP Discord
  2. Find the #staff-complaint-tickets channel.
  3. Click the "Create Ticket" button.

Forums Support

Our forums has recently been updated, as of the start of 2023, the forums is only used for discord ban appeals.


Ban Appeals

Access to our ban appeals and its processes can be located within the forums. In order to ensure the legitimacy of your appeal, make sure to provide sufficient evidence in the fields within the appeal. While your appeal is pending, do not talk about it to others within the Discord; doing so could result in the denial of the appeal.

Ban Appeals

In Game Support

Here you'll find everything you need to know about our ingame services, and support for issues you may encounter, if you don't see a fix for your issue here open a support ticket in discord.

Connecting to BCDOJRP

You can use one of the following methods to connect to BCDOJRP.

Make sure your discord and FiveM account are linked together. Click on the settings wheel at the top right corner and confirm your discord account and FiveM account are linked together. For me, it looks like this:

The first account from the left will be your FiveM account username and the one to the right will show your discord name, see highlighted section above.

Click on the FiveM logo at the top left corner to return to the FiveM home screen as pictured below:

Click on the history tab on the right hand side as pictured below:

Click on the SERVERS tab as pictured in the image:

Allow a few moments for the SERVERS page to load, you will see quite a few servers listed there. Once the SERVERS page has loaded, you will see a place at the top of your FiveM client that says “Search or enter an IP address” like shown in the image below:

Click on the section that says “Search or enter an IP address” and type in BCDOJRP as shown below:

Allow a few moments for FiveM to load. Once the results have loaded, look for the server called Blaine County DOJRP BCDOJRP as shown in the picture below:

Click on the words that say Blaine County DOJRP BCDOJRP and once you do, you should see the following:

Click on CONNECT and wait for the following screen to appear: (Keep in mind for me it says my discord name and my join date, that will look different for you on the left side of the Connecting screen)

Click on the RULES tab and make sure you read over the server rules, once done click on the RULES tab again and it will bring you back to the screen pictured above. After you are back to the screen shown above click on I AGREE TO THE RULES ABOVE

Once the button comes up, click PLAY! and you are in!

Enjoy the Roleplay and welcome to BCDOJRP

Press F8 on your keyboard and you should see the following screen:

Type in the following into the text bar pictured above and press Enter connect cfx.re/join/xlkzvg

Click on the RULES tab and make sure you read over the server rules, once done click on the RULES tab again and it will bring you back to the screen pictured above. After you are back to the screen shown above click on I AGREE TO THE RULES ABOVE and the following screen will show up:

Once the PLAY! button comes up, click Play! and you are in!

Enjoy the roleplay and welcome to BCDOJRP!

Understanding Queue

Server Queue has a priority list, depending on your posistion within BCDOJRP you'll experience different queue times.

[0] = 'Member', -- (not in discord) [Longest Queue Time]
[1] = 'group.member', -- (in discord)
[2] = 'group.SVIP',
[3] = 'group.tmod',
[4] = 'group.moderator',
[5] = 'group.GVIP',
[6] = 'group.admin',
[7] = 'group.snradmin',
[8] = 'group.PVIP',
[9] = 'group.management',
[10] = 'group.god' [Shortest Queue Time]

Character Functions

Character creation is the most important thing to do once you're ingame, if you're new here's a tutorial of how you can create your first character in BCDOJRP.

Character Creation

Once ingame:
Press F6 to bring up the Character Manager menu.
You'll see Create A Character modal at the top left of the menu.
Fill out the First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Gender - M/F.
Once done press CREATE CHARACTER.

Alternatively if you're having issues with the F6 menu, you may use the following command:
/char, it gives you multiple options to chose from:
Character creation: /char create firstname lastname dob gender.
/char create Soli Troll 10/10/1990 male.

Character Management

Same as the above, you may use either F6 or /char.
Here's a list for the /char command usage:
/char select - Used to switch between characters.
/char delete - Used to delete a character.
/char edit - Used to edit a character's information.
/char list - Used to list your characters.

/char select 1-3
/char delete 1-3

In Game Commands

/onduty - puts you onduty and able to read incoming 911 calls, use many of the ingame commands and much more
/pubcop - dose the same thing but gives you the right pub cop skin
/unrack - [ 1 or 2 ] | 1 is your AR | 2 is shotgun | must be onduty and near a car
/civ - puts you "onduty" as a civ and allows you to use many of the civ related commands ingame
/repair_engine - allows you to repair your vehicle's engine.
/repair_body - allows you to repair your vehicle's body.
/carstats - to get car stats must be in a car
/cleancar - must be "onduty" as a civ and near a car
/save - save the car you are in
/lock - lock your saved car
/engine - toggle your saved car engine
/heal - [ ID of some one else ] or you can heal yourself when dead
/healself - will give you health when alive
/getintrunk - will get into the closest trunk
/getout - of trunk will get you out of the trunk
/sling - allows you to sling your AR.
/carry - allows you to carry someone.

Businnesses & Gangs


Certified Civilian Gangs are a unique experience allowing you and friends to create/join a gang for the community and create your own RP within the server. Gangs allow more than 4 people to be aggressive within RP and has more benefits like custom gang cars, custom clothing and more.
Must be CIV-3 to make a gang.
Must join Certifed Civilians within 2 weeks or you will be terminated from the gang you join.


Having general issues with FiveM? well you came to the right place, you'll find information here to help you out with your issue, and again if your issue isn't fixed here open a support ticket.

Clearing Cache

FiveM is a fairly outdated client therefore it has issues every now and then. To help you fix some of these issues we will help you clear your FiveM cache. Please note, when you clear your fivem cache things like buildings, peds and cars will take slightly longer to download when you connect to the server for the first time after clearing your FiveM cache but after all of the assets have been downloaded everything should be working better. To clear your FiveM cache, Right Click on FiveM icon on your Desktop, then click on Open File Location, after that double click on FiveM Application Data, then double click on data, the folders that you will delete are called cache, nui-storage and server-cache. Right click on each one of those folders then click Delete. After that, double click on the FiveM icon on your Desktop, load into the server and wait for assets to load. Check to see if your issue has been resolved.

Graphics Issues

If you are having problems with textures not loading in properly or fully i.e buildings, cars and peds. Proceed to your in game settings > graphics > extended texture budget, raise your texture budget and then relog into the game. If the problem persists go back to those graphic settings and attempt to lower your qualities from high to normal or normal to low then relog.

Audio Issues



Store Permissions



Client Issues




See what's new added, changed, fixed, improved or updated in the latest versions of BCDOJRP

Have a features suggestion? Make a suggestion in the main discord.

Beta Version 2.0.1 (11 Feb 2022)

CAD Changes
  • Added FAA Airport Charts
  • Added Department Documents
  • Added FAA Roster
  • Added SACD Roster
  • Fixed Some minor bugs for browser compatibility
  • Updated Refactored backend, boot time from 23s to 17s
In Game Changes
  • No Changes Made
Bot Changes
  • Fixed Role Sync Crash